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Chain tree

Chain tree is another eccentric attraction near vythiri in wayanad. 2 km from Wayanad Gate/Wayanad Ghat road from Kozhikode along the highway. It’s a huge Ficus tree tangled with large chain. There is also a strong advasi legend derived from this tree which is sufficiently manipulated to support the argument hence chain tree is also touted as a haunting site. The history of Chain Tree is associated with a local tribal called Karinthandan, who was killed by the British after taking his help to discover the routes through the ghat. The British developed roads through the forests of Wayanad and started exploiting the resources in the area. But the soul of Karinthandan started haunting the passengers. A lot of accidents happened during 1890 and 1900. It was believed that it was Karinthandan’s soul that caused the accidents.In addition to the attacks from the wild animals, people had to worry about the ghost of Karinthandan. A pandit (priest) was called to study the cause of the problems. According to the priest, the travellers were being haunted by the ghost of Karinthandan. After a lot of efforts, the priest managed to chain the ghost to a Ficus tree, which is now known as “Chain Tree of Wayanad”.The tree has grown up and is about 25 feet tall now, giving good shade all over the place. It is said that the chain bound on the tree is growing along with the tree. A small temple (named “Changala Muneeswaran Kovil”) has been built adjacent to the tree. The deity of the temple is none other than the adivasi chieftain who was killed by the English engineer. The chain tree looks no different from other similar trees except for the steel chain sunken deep into the trunk and hanging from a tall branch. Since the tree doesn’t really stand out, no one can even notice it unless it is carefully viewed.


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