Pookode Lake

Pookode Lake
Kalpetta, Wayanad
Phone Number +91 9447110559, +91 4936 255207


Pookode Lake

Pookode Lake – one of the most preferred and popular tourist destinations in Wayanad.- The beautiful perennial freshwater lake lies 3km south to Vythiri town and 15 kilometre away from Kalpetta. Cuddled up between lush evergreen forest and Western Ghats, covering an area of 13 acre and is 40 m in depth. Pookode Lake is known for its peaceful ambience and serene beauty and the visitors are greeted with a calm and peaceful environment .The Lake is bounded with dense forest making this place an ideal location for photographers and nature lovers. One of the main tributary of Kabini River, the Panamaram rivulet is originated from here. It’s a well-regulated tourist spot, which has a dedicated entry and a counter for buying tickets & security check. The interesting fact of this lagoon is that it has the shape of the Indian map. There is a path built around the lake and a walk around the lake under the natural shadows knitted by trees and trailing plants will leave for ever a drop of colourful and cool memory in the visitors’ minds. There is a huge space dedicated as kid’s area. The lake is home to different varieties of freshwater fishes and is dotted with lotus flowers in blue color. The whole setting of the lake is simply mesmerizing. As the lake is close to forests, animals can be spotted occasionally. The sight of wild animals and birds in the forest that surrounds the lake is another attraction of this destination. Plenty of monkeys are also seen here. Pethia pookodensis, is a species of cyprinid fish known to occur only in Pookode Lake. Pookode offers boating facilities to the visitors, which include pedal boats and rowing boats. Pedal boats can be rented so that you can savor the wonderful scenery. . Pookode has a small nursery, where saplings of some beautiful flower plants and trees are available for sale. It also has a shop selling Wayanadan products, which offers for sale different varieties of tea and coffee, lemon grass oil, honey, handicrafts, spices etc. In Pookode, even the breeze carries the fragrance of lemon grass oil and spices. Green tea, which is claimed to be good for diabetes patients, is also on hot sale here. Many such shops under the brand name “Gandhigramam” can be spotted in different locations in Wayanad. You can also make a visit to the nearby freshwater aquarium, children’s park and shopping centre exclusively for handicraft and spices. The shopping centres are owned by District Tourism Promotion Council. You can get plenty of things made up of bamboo and coconut husk at this shopping centre


Monday To Friday 09.00 am To 05.00 pm
Saturday & Sunday 09.00 am To 05.00 pm
Adults Rs. 30/- Rs. 30/-
Childrens Rs. 15/-
Still Camera Rs. 50/-
Video Camera Rs. 150/-
Pedal Boat (2 Person) Rs. 150/-
Pedal Boat (4 Person) Rs. 300/-
Row Boat Rs. 500/-
Fish Spa (10 Minutes) Rs. 50/-
Children's Park

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