Sunrise Valley

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Sunrise Valley

Sunrise Valley is the most picturesque and one of the top visited viewpoints in Wayanad -a great place to watch the rising and setting sun set amidst dramatic mountain scenery. Located at a distance of about10 km from Mepadi and 4 km from Vaduvanchal in the Mepadi Vaduvanchal trail. Undulating terrains of evergreen forests capped in mist and overlooked by white clouds is a refreshing sight .One of the highlights is River Chaliyar seen as a thick silvery line curving around the hill running through the thick forest. Travellers arrive here early morning to view the red rays of sun majestically shattering the darkness of the valley. Two waterfalls, the famous Meenmutty on left and Attamala falls on right of this point. Sunrise Valley is one of the must see tourist destination in Wayanad. It has got the most pleasing viewpoints , which overlooks lush green environment and the origin of Chaliyar river or Beypore River where two captivating waterfalls unite. For an exploration addict a trek to the waterside of chaliyaar  and a night stay in the forest will be a brilliant experience.


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