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Wayanad Churam

The fascinating panorama called “Thamarassery Ghat” Pass, also known as Thamarassery churam or Wayanad Churam, is along the national highway (NH 212) that connects Kozhikode with Wayanad. The ghat pass begins from Adivaram , while coming from Kozhikkode and ends at Lakkidi, the beginning of Wayanad district. Wayanad Ghat road is the most beautiful in South India stretching 14 Kms and having 9 hairpin bends. There is a beautiful view point at the top of the ghat pass just after the 9th hairpin upon reaching you can enjoy the beautiful view of the serpentine roads through the hills. According to the  legends, Foreign rulers were fascinated by the magnificent beauty of Wayanad most specially  the spice plantations due to which they  build numerous  passes to reach the district and at the end, a route was shown to them by the  the moopan of tribal clan .but, unfortunately he was killed by the rulers ,so as to  take the credit of discovering the route.  There is a belief that his spirit used to haunt the travellers by gliding their vehicles down the valley. The spirit was chained to a tree and thus the end of ghost story.  Even though The Ghat is not considered as a tourist destination, it has more importance and relevance than any tourist place due to its fascinating charm. The misty clad Ghat attracts hundreds of travellers every day. The ghat road is wide and there are some preventive blocks or railings to avoid any mishap. Reaching the apex, which is 2000 feet above sea level the most splendid view of the surroundings covered with dense evergreen forests ,rocky hills and valleys  can be viewed.


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