Thrikkaipetta P.O
Wayanad Dist
Phone Number +91 7902748292



“The spring of source” , is an NGO ,  Established  in thrikkaipetta village of Kalpetta town in Wayanad district with a aim  for ethicizing the rural society, especially the tribal people ,fostering social entrepreneurship ,enhancing their skills and thereby raising their economic standards. The bamboo village’  one of the most charming tourist place and a must on Wayanad’s to do list. URAVU is an initiative to save the art of bamboo crafts.it began its journey in 1996, as a bamboo processing, training and designing hub primarily focusing on opportunity for rural women. The primary raw material used is the naturally occurring, strong eco-friendly and inexpensive asset, bamboo.  Here at Uravu, many value added products are mastered and crafted by the artisans. A guided visit to the bamboo nursery gives an opportunity to see the design process and manufacturing of a wide range of unique products made from bamboo including bamboo jewellery, bamboo-based corporate gift items and bamboo-based conference organising materials. Uravu implements integrated & promotional programs in the bamboo sector, providing skill training in bamboo processing, establishing micro enterprises, marketing of bamboo handicraft, cultivation of bamboo and promotion of Eco-tourism. The climate and amazing biodiversity of Wayanad has given a richness and texture to this region’s traditional tribal craft with nature literally woven into the warp and weft of its products. Blending the craft skills of the region with present day urban needs creates products of Uravu,’’ The main attraction that draws tourists towards URAVU is its fascinating heritage architecture and the uniqueness of the handwoven products. One can spend an entire day with the locals and learn to make bamboo crafts and buy souvenirs to keep the memories fresh.


Monday to Saturday 9.30 am to 5 pm
Entry Fee N/A
Workshop - 3 hour (per person) Rs. 950 /-
Workshop visit
Hands on experience
Shopping Bamboo products

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